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LANE Double Roller Granulaor

Roller granulator is mostly used in the production of compound fertilizer, it does not need to add water, to achieve the powder drying extrusion granulation, simple operation, high rate of granulation.

Fertilizer Production Line Case

Adopting PLC technology, it realizes the automation of the production line, which is easy to operate, with excellent granulation effect and greatly reduces the labor cost.

Dynamic Batching System

The batching process is automated by an electronic control system, which can accurately control the batching ratio of different materials according to the preset formula and ratio. The batching machine can be adjusted and expanded according to the production demand, and can carry out the batching combination of several materials and the linkage of equipment.

Double Shaft Fertilizer Mixer

The twin shaft mixer consists of two independent mixing shafts, each with multiple mixing blades or paddles. This design improves the efficiency and uniformity of mixing and ensures that the material is well mixed. The mixing shafts have different speeds and directions, allowing for a wider range of mixing.