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Q: What is fertilizer granulation equipment?

A: Fertilizer granulation equipment is a machine or device used to make raw materials into fertilizer granules. It converts raw fertilizer into ready-to-use granular fertilizer by pressing, extruding, rolling or spraying.

Q: What are the advantages of fertilizer granulation equipment?

A: Fertilizer granulation equipment can convert powdery or granular raw materials into homogeneous granular fertilizer, which improves the ease of use and nutrient effect of fertilizer. In addition, it can adjust the size and density of granules to meet the needs of different crops and soils.

Q: Why choose our company's fertilizer granulation equipment?

A: Our fertilizer granulation equipment has the following advantages: high efficiency and stable production capacity; high quality manufacturing materials to ensure the durability of the equipment; advanced technology and design to provide high quality granulation effect; perfect after-sales service to help customers solve problems.

Q: What raw materials are our fertilizer pelletising equipment suitable for?

A: Our fertilizer pelletising equipment is suitable for all kinds of fertilizer raw materials, including organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, bio-microbial fertilizer and so on. We can provide customised solutions according to customers' specific requirements and raw material characteristics.

Q: Is there any technical support for your company's fertilizer granulation equipment?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support. We have a professional engineering team with rich experience and expertise to provide technical support services such as equipment installation and commissioning, operation training and after-sales maintenance.

Q: How to buy our company's fertilizer granulation equipment?

A: Customers can contact us via Whatsapp, email or online enquiry with specific requirements. Our sales team will communicate with the customer about the details of the requirement and provide the technical parameters and quotation of the relevant equipment. Once both parties reach an agreement, we will sign a contract with the customer to start production and delivery of the equipment.