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In today's era of pursuing sustainable development, we adhere to the scientific and technological concept of green environmental protection, continuously cultivate and innovate, use advanced technology and processes to manufacture fertilizer equipment, effectively treat organic waste and convert it into high-quality fertilizer particles that are easy to preserve. We will provide you with one-stop service from design to installation, with up to five-year warranty service, you don't need to worry about any purchasing problems.

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About Us

As a professional fertilizer machinery manufacturer, we have a professional technical team, whether it is the design of three-dimensional drawings of the product, or the improvement of accessories on the equipment, we are able to greatly meet the needs of our customers, and solve the problem of after-sales installation and parts replacement after the customer purchase.

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Customized product specifications according to your requirements, free remote granulating experiments, MOQ 1. No need to worry about the use of the product and installation problems, we will provide you with guaranteed after-sales service. Welcome inquiries!

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