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Vibrating Screener

Introduction to vibrating screener:

Vibrating screener is mainly used in the preliminary screening, intermediate screening and fine screening of fertilizer.

Through the use of vibrating screener, impurities and large particles can be removed from the raw materials to improve the purity and uniformity of the fertilizer products, and the unqualified size particles can be returned to the material to be rebuilt. It greatly improves the capacity and efficiency of various fertilizer production lines.


At the same time, it can also realize the particle size grading of fertilizer, which makes the product more in line with the market demand.


Vibrating screener is a new series of vibrating screen developed according to the production needs of our country, on the basis of digesting and absorbing the vibrating screen imported from German company, summarizing our many years of experience in researching, designing and using the screen machine, and combining with the national conditions of our country, which can be used as a substitute for other screen machines.


Through several years of production practice, it has been proved that this series of vibrating screen has a series of advantages such as large processing capacity, reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength and rigidity, high degree of serialization, generalization and standardization, smooth and reliable operation, low noise, convenient maintenance and repair, and so on.

Model Capacity(tph) Overall Size(mm) Tilt Angle(°) Amplification(mm) Power(kw)
ZDS-0520-1 0.03-5 2140*808*848 5 5-7 0.4
ZDS-0520-2 0.03-5 2140*808*880 5 5-7 0.55
ZDS-0520-3 0.03-5 2140*808*920 5 5-7 0.75
ZDS-1025-1 0.1-15 2300*1300*1500 5 5-7 0.75
ZDS-1025-2 0.1-15 2300*1300*1550 5 5-7 1.1
ZDS-1025-3 0.1-15 2300*1300*1600 5 5-7 1.5

Vibrating screener composition structure:

1) Transmission system: circular screen is driven by the motor through the triangle belt, (can replace the pulley variable speed) driven exciter. Linear screen by the motor directly drive the exciter, both of which are coupled with a flap-shaped flexible coupling.

2) The amplitude adjustment is achieved by increasing or decreasing the number of counterweight blocks.

3) The intermediate drive shaft and the vibration exciter coupling of the three-jawed flexible disk is made of special rubber plate, which has the advantages of large bearing torque and good flexibility. Also available universal joint drive

4) support vibration isolation using a series of rubber and composite springs, low noise, smooth operation, two kinds of springs can be used interchangeably.

Vibrating screener working principle:

1) Circular vibrating screen is a single shaft block eccentric exciter with single motor drive. The excitation of the sieve machine is generated by the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric block.

2) Vibration trajectory in the feed end of the ellipse long axis and the screen surface of the angle into an acute angle, the discharge end of the obtuse angle, so that the discharge end of the material layer is not too thin, the feed end of the material layer is not too thick, approximate to the effect of equal thickness screening.

3) Linear vibrating screen for the double shaft block eccentric, double motor drive, motor self-synchronization, screen machine excitation is generated by the centrifugal force of the eccentric block.

vibrating screener

Advantages of vibrating screener:

1) High-efficiency screening: the vibrating screener adopts vibration excitation screen, has high screening efficiency and processing capacity, and can quickly and effectively complete the material screening task.

2) Multi-layer screening: vibrating screener is usually equipped with multi-layer screen mesh, which can simultaneously screen and classify the materials for many times, so as to realize the screening requirements of different particle sizes.

3) High screening precision: due to the working principle of vibrating screen, the vibrating screener has high screening precision, which can accurately classify the materials according to the specified particle size.

4) Flexible adjustment: the vibration parameters (amplitude and frequency) of the vibrating screener can be adjusted and controlled to meet the screening requirements of different materials and realize the best screening effect.

5) No blockage, no adhesion: the vibrating screen mesh surface of the vibrating screener has a certain self-cleaning ability, which can effectively prevent the material from being blocked and adhered, and improve the screening efficiency and service life of the equipment.

6) Simple structure, easy maintenance: vibrating screener usually adopts simple structural design, which is easy to install and maintain, and reduces equipment failure and downtime.

7) The features of vibrating screener make it widely used in industrial fields such as screening, grading and separation of granular materials, including mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, grain and other industries. It works through the working principle of vibration excitation screen, efficiently and accurately completes the screening work of materials, and improves the production efficiency and product quality.

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