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Twin Shaft Mixer

Introduction to twin shaft mixer:

Twin shaft mixer is a kind of mixing equipment commonly used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other fields. It utilizes a pair of screw shafts with stirring blades rotating in reverse synchronously to humidify and stir the material while conveying it.

The working principle of twin shaft mixer is to force turning and stirring of the mixed material through two mutually perpendicular axial motions, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. It usually consists of mixing cylinder, mixing blades, motor and transmission device.

This kind of mixer has high mixing efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, clean and environmental protection, and is suitable for various production lines.


Model Capacity(tph) Drum Size(mm) Size(mm) Power(kw) Drum Volume(m³) Mixing Shaft Size(mm)
LAM-0830D 6-10T/H 800*3000 3950*1650*800 18.5 1.6 102*8
LAM-0840D 8-12T/H 800*4000 4950*1650*800 18.5 2.1 102*8
LAM-1040D 10-14T/H 1000*4000 4950*2050*1000 22 2.6 118*10
LAM-1050D 12-16T/H 800*4000 5950*2050*1000 22 3.3 133*14
LAM-1240D 12-16T/H 1200*4000 5150*1960*1160 30 3.1 159*17.5
LAM-1250D 14-18T/H 1200*5000 6150*2250*1200 30 3.9 159*17.5
LAM-1550D 16-20T/H 800*4000 6600*2200*1250 30 4.9 219*20
LAM-1560D 18-22T/H 800*4000 7250*2500*1500 30 5.9 219*20

Twin shaft mixer composition structure:

Twin shaft mixer is mainly composed of shell, spiral shaft assembly, driving device, cover plate, chain cover and other components, the specific structure and performance characteristics are as follows:

1) The shell is mainly composed of plates and profiles, which are welded and shaped in the manufacturing plant and assembled with other parts, and is the support of the twin shaft mixer.

2) Spiral shaft assembly is the main component of twin shaft mixer, and its components mainly include left and right rotary spiral shaft, bearing seat, bearing bush, bearing cover, gear, blade and other parts.

Twin shaft mixer working principle:

1) The material enters into the mixing tank through the inlet.

2)Two stirring shafts rotate in the opposite direction driven by the motor, the stirring shaft is equipped with stirring blades, the stirring blades are distributed in the stirring shaft in the form of helix.

3) The materials are driven by the rotation of the mixing blades and then displaced in the same direction, mixing with each other to complete the mixing function.

4)In the overlapping area between the two mixing shafts of the twin shaft mixer, the materials with different rotating directions are extruded and rubbed each other, which improves the effect of material mixing.

twin shaft mixer

This series of twin shaft mixer has the following features:

1) Practical design: the shell is sealed tightly, so there will be no flying ash outward and leakage of ash. The left and right rotating spiral shafts require high manufacturing precision and have good process performance.

2) Good mixing effect: adopting double-shaft design, the mixing blades rotate and flip at the same time, which can fully mix and stir the materials, making the mixing effect more uniform.

3)High production efficiency: the double shaft mixer can rotate and flip at the same time during the mixing process, which makes the mixing speed of the material faster, thus improving the production efficiency.

4)Long service life: the gears are protected by guards, which can be operated safely and effectively. The blade structure is reasonably designed and simple, easy to replace after wear and tear.

5) Stable structure: the twin-shaft mixer adopts sturdy and durable structural design, which has high stability and safety.

In the fertilizer industry, the role of the twin shaft mixer is to mix raw materials of different compositions to prepare high quality fertilizer products.

The homogeneity of the ingredients of the fertilizer is very important for the quality of the product. By using twin shaft mixer, the problem of uneven or lumpy composition can be effectively avoided and the quality stability of fertilizer products can be improved.

twin shaft mixer

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