Self-propelled Compost Turner
  • Self-propelled Compost Turner

  • Self-propelled Compost Turner

  • Self-propelled Compost Turner

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  • Self-propelled Compost Turner - LANE Machinery Groups

Self-propelled Compost Turner

Introduction to self-propelled compost turner:

Self-propelled compost turner is a kind of mobile equipment used for organic waste composting treatment, which can move autonomously in the compost heap and complete the operation of turning, stirring and ventilating to promote the decomposition of organic matter and the composting effect.

The self-propelled compost turner consists of autonomous mobile system, compost turning system, mixing system, ventilation system and control system.

It is able to carry out standardized turning and mixing and stirring operations in the compost heap by means of autonomous navigation and movement technology, in order to provide suitable ventilation and oxygen supply to accelerate the decomposition and composting process of organic matter, which is the key equipment of organic fertilizer production line.

Self-propelled compost turner is suitable for the fermentation of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter sludge, waste residue cake, straw sawdust, etc. It is also widely used in the fermentation of organic fertilizer, dewatering operation plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge garbage plant and other various industries.

Model LAZF-2000
Capacity(m³/h) 400-500
Turning Width(mm) 2000
Turning Height(mm) 600-800
Row Spacing(mm) 500-800
Required Material Particle(mm) 250
Power (diesel engine) 36HP-water cooling-Electric starting
Max. Rotation Speed(r/min) 2200
Rated Speed(r/min) 2200
Working Speed(m/min) 7.5-8
Driving Speed(m/min) 50(3 forwards gear; 1 reverse gear)
Turning Blades Diameter(mm) 600

Self-propelled compost turner working principle:

1) The self-propelled compost turner adopts four-wheeled self-propelled type, which is controlled by one person and applies anti-skid tires to prevent the bottom of the car from slipping.

2)Self-propelled compost turner walks the whole vehicle across the bar-shaped pile, after the work to form a new bar-shaped pile.

3) The machine can be operated on many occasions. It also has the function of crushing in the late stage of material fermentation. The overall structure is rigid, safe and reliable performance.

4) The machine adopts diesel engine as the power source, through the power transmission transmission movement, the use of curved knife on the material for rotary turning, by the personnel driving control of the work of the turning machine.

self-propelled compost turner

Advantages of self-propelled compost turner:

1) Improve composting effect: the self-propelled compost turner can turn and stir the compost heap regularly, so that the organic matter in the compost heap can be evenly mixed to promote the decomposition and fermentation process, and to improve the degradation speed of the organic matter and composting effect.

2) Autonomous movement: the turner has the function of autonomous movement, it can move freely in the compost heap to deal with organic matter in different positions, reducing manual intervention and labor intensity.

3) Flexible Adjustment: The turning machine can flexibly adjust the turning angle, mixing intensity and mixing time according to the situation and needs of the compost pile, in order to adapt to the requirements of different compost materials and composting period.

4) High efficiency and energy saving: the self-propelled compost turner adopts high-efficiency drive and power transmission system, which has high working efficiency and energy utilization rate, and reduces energy consumption and cost expenditure.

5) Intelligent control: the turner is equipped with advanced control system, which can realize automatic operation and intelligent control, automatically adjust and optimize according to the state and parameters of the compost heap, and improve the accuracy and stability of operation.

This series of self-propelled compost turners is capable of turning the pile periodically to improve porosity and oxygen content, mix or remove moisture, and redistribute the cooler and hotter parts of the pile, making it an easy-to-operate outdoor fermentation composting equipment. Organic materials are stacked in long rows (stockpiles). Self-propelled compost turner Mix the materials with microbial agents effectively and evenly to create a better aerobic environment. Under this condition, the organic waste is deodorized in 7 -12 hours, dried in 3 days and becomes high quality compost in 5 -7 days.

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