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Rotary cooler

Introduction to rotary cooler:

Rotary cooler is a kind of cooling equipment commonly used in fertilizer production line, which is mainly used to cool the dried fertilizer products in order to reduce its temperature, improve its quality and facilitate packaging and storage. The following is a brief introduction to the rotary cooler:

The rotary drum cooling machine is composed of rotary drum, feeding device, discharging device, transmission device, cold air system and electrical control system.

Its working principle is the process of feeding the dried hot fertilizer into the rotary drum through the feeding device and cooling it in the rotary drum.

Through the transmission device to drive the rotating cylinder, at the same time, the cold air system will introduce the outdoor air into the rotating cylinder, forming convection, the heat in the hot fertilizer to take away, so as to realize the effect of cooling.

Finally, the cooled fertilizer is discharged from the rotor through a discharge device.

Model Capacity(tph) Drum Size(mm) Rotation Speed(r/min) Steel Plate Thickness(mm) Lift Plate Thickness(mm) Power(kw)
LARC0808 1-2 Φ800*8000 5 8 4 5.5
LARC1010 2-3 Φ1000*10000 5 10 6 5.5
LARC1212 3-5 Φ1200*12000 5 10 6 7.5
LARC1515 5-8 Φ1500*15000 5 12 6 15
LARC1616 8-12 Φ1600*16000 5 12 6 18.5
LARC1818 12-15 Φ1800*18000 4 14 6 22
LARC2020 20-25 Φ2000*20000 4 14 6 37
LARC2222 25-30 Φ2200*22000 4 16 6 37
LARC2424 30-35 Φ2400*24000 4 16 6 45
LARC2626 35-40 Φ2600*26000 3 18 6 55
LARC2828 40-45 Φ2800*28000 3 18 6 75
LARC3028 45-50 Φ3000*28500 3 18 6 90

The rotary cooler can be divided into five major parts:

1. Bracket part: The bracket part of the rotary cooler is made of medium carbon steel plate and channel steel welded together, because of the large friction between the bracket and the body roller belt, our factory specially selects the high quality anticorrosion and abrasion-resistant materials.

2. Transmission part: the transmission frame is welded with high quality channel steel, and the main motor and reducer installed on the transmission frame are ISO national inspection-free products with reliable quality. The motor drives the pulley, triangle belt and reducer to the main shaft to make the machine work.

3. Large gear ring: fixed on the machine body, and transmission pinion gear, phase to drive the machine body work, the use of cutting-edge wear-resistant materials, so that the service life of the machine longer.

4. Rolling belt: fixed on both sides of the body to support the whole body.

5. Body part: the most important part of the whole cooling machine is the body part, which is welded with high quality medium carbon steel plate, and the built-in lifting plate is made of high quality wear-resistant material.


Rotary cooler working principle:

1) The belt and pulley are driven by the main motor and transmitted to the main shaft through the speed reducer, which works in the opposite direction through the folio gear installed on the main shaft and the large gear ring fixed on the body.

2) The material is added from the feeding end, and the lifting plate installed on the inside of the cylinder body constantly turns the material up, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling evenly.

3) The cooled material flows out from the discharge port.

4) With the continuous rotation of the motor, the materials are continuously entering to realize mass production.

rotary cooler

Advantages of rotary cooler:

1) Uniform cooling: the rotary drum cooler adopts the internal fluidization design of the rotary drum, so that the cold air is in full contact with the fertilizer for uniform cooling, ensuring uniform cooling effect and quality. This avoids lumps and unevenness in the cooling process of fertilizers and improves product quality.

2) Rapid cooling: the rotary cooler utilizes forced convection, high hot air velocity and high heat transfer efficiency. It can quickly cool down the dried fertilizer, avoiding the damage to the product caused by prolonged exposure to high temperature and ensuring the quality and stability of the product.

3) Automatic control: the rotary cooler adopts advanced automatic control system, after setting the cooling time and temperature and other parameters, the equipment can run automatically, reducing the need for manual operation and improving the production efficiency and product consistency.

4) Strong adaptability: the rotary cooler can adapt to different kinds of fertilizer products with different humidity, and can be adjusted according to product requirements to meet the needs of different processes.

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