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Introduction to pan mixer:

1) Pan mixer is a kind of mixer which is very commonly used in compound fertilizer production line and npk fertilizer production line.

2) It consists of mixing pan, discharge port, mixing arm, frame, gear box package and transmission mechanism.

3) Pan mixer is characterized by a cylinder set in the center of the mixing disk, the cylinder is set on a cylinder cover, the mixing arm is solidly connected to the cylinder cover, the end of the mixing shaft connected to the cylinder cover through the cylinder, the mixing shaft drives the cylinder cover to rotate, thus driving the mixing arm to rotate, driving the mixing shaft to rotate the transmission mechanism by the four-stage transmission mechanism.

4) The mixer has long life, energy-saving, small volume, fast mixing speed, and can work continuously.

Specific materials that can be mixed by the pan mixer include, but are not limited to, the following materials:

1) Fertilizers: urea, diammonium phosphate (DAP), compound fertilizers, etc.

2) Feed additives: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.

3) Granular fertilizers: potash, compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, etc.

4) Pesticides: granular pesticides, granules, pesticide microcapsules, etc.

5) Food additives: protein powder, flour, seasoning mix, etc.
Building materials: mortar, cement, gypsum, etc.
It is necessary to choose the appropriate pan mixer according to the actual production requirements and material characteristics, and follow the corresponding operating procedures.

Model Capacity(tph) Pan Size(mm) Size(mm) Power(kw) Pan Volume(m³) Pan Rim Height(mm)
LAM-16P 2-3 T/H 1600 1700*1700*1520 7.5 1 400
LAM-18P 3-5T/H 1800 1900*1876*1620 11 1.1 400
LAM-20P 4-6T/H 2000 2110*2050*1720 15 1.5 500
LAM-22P 6-8T/H 2200 2320*2270*1900 18.5 1.6 500
LAM-25P 7-9T/H 2500 2630*2500*2150 22 2.1 600

Pan mixer components:

1) Frame part: machine all working body all installed in the frame, the machine’s frame are used in excellent carbon steel plate, channel steel welded, and through the strict product certification and specific process requirements.

2) Transmission connection part: this machine adopts the cycloid reducer to drive the spindle rotating work, its host work part are adopted nylon pin is transmission connector phase teeth and transfer drive, convenient assembly and maintenance;

3) Mixing work part: by the transmission wheel through the pin coupling to the main shaft. The material in the mixing chamber evenly turned, so that the material can be fully mixed, thus greatly reducing the amount of material residue.

Pan mixer working principle:

1) The pan mixer is driven to the main shaft by the main motor driving reducer, and the material is rotated and mixed by the mixing teeth installed on the main shaft.

2) The material is added from the feeding end, and then discharged from the discharging end after being fully mixed inside the pan.

pan mixer

Advantages of pan mixer:

1) Good mixing effect: through the high-speed rotation of the turntable and the role of the agitator, the pan mixer can fully mix the fertilizer raw materials, so that the ingredients between the particles are evenly distributed to achieve high-quality mixing effect.

2) Easy to control: the operation of the pan mixer is simple, the mixing time and mixing speed can be adjusted as needed to meet the requirements of mixing different fertilizer raw materials. The operator can operate according to the specific situation to realize precise control.

3) Strong adaptability: pan mixer is suitable for a variety of different types and humidity of fertilizer raw materials. Whether the raw materials are in powder, granule or block, the pan mixer can be effectively mixed.

4) To sum up, pan mixer has the advantages of good mixing effect, easy control of mixing process, strong adaptability, etc. It is a practical machine to meet the requirements of fertilizer manufacturing industry.

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