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Why is the demand for organic fertilizer production machinery rising?

9-16 2023

Importance of organic fertilizer production machinery:

With the rapid development of China’s aquaculture industry, the production of livestock and poultry manure is increasing year by year at an average annual rate of 3%.

In the total resources of feces in China, cow manure and pig manure are the main body of livestock and poultry manure. Organic waste generated by animal husbandry is directly discharged without treatment, which not only occupies land and affects the landscape, but mainly pollutes the atmosphere, soil and groundwater environment. It can be used as a raw material to produce and process organic fertilizer, so the promotion of organic fertilizer production machinery is an essential trend at present.

organic fertilizer production machinery

Organic fertilizer production machinery is a series of machinery and equipment specially used to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer. It realizes the double goals of effective utilization of resources and environmental protection while providing green organic nutrient sources for agriculture.

Organic fertilizer production machinery and processed organic fertilizer, quality is guaranteed, stable yield, through close to the farmers, close to the land, close to the end consumer groups of services, to find a scientific and reasonable formula, the production of organic fertilizer products with characteristics and higher value-added products, so that the whole industry into a benign development track.

The pace of agricultural production at the grassroots level is combined with national policies to help farmers increase production and income. At the same time, due to the gradual recognition of the advantages of organic fertilizer production, more farmers began to use organic fertilizer for agricultural fertilization, so that the market demand for organic fertilizer continues to grow.

organic fertilizer production machinery-1

Organic fertilizer has led to the development of the entire organic fertilizer production machinery market, the use of organic fertilizer production machinery is gradually increasing, people recognize that organic fertilizer production equipment can effectively deal with livestock manure and crop residues, and the production of organic fertilizer can really make better use of the land.

As a new type of environmentally friendly fertilizer, a prominent feature of organic fertilizer is to improve crop quality, improve fertilizer efficiency, purify the environment. Soil organic matter content is closely related to the level of fertility and supply capacity. For example, in the very low fertility of the sandy alkali land, desert land and other barren land, a large number of chemical fertilizer application is difficult to maintain crop growth and increase yields. Therefore, the increased application of fertilizers containing organic matter is also a necessary measure for the sustained increase in crop production.

Organic fertilizer production machinery is the key to the success or failure of fertilizer enterprises, as well as the production of high-quality fertilizers to help farmers really realize the development of agricultural cycle. Our company will return to the majority of customers with better quality and service, continuous improvement and research and development of organic fertilizer production machinery, in line with the development of the times, to achieve win-win cooperation!

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