1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line
  • 1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line

  • 1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line

  • 1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line

  • 1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line - LANE Machinery Groups

  • 1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line - LANE Machinery Groups

1-3T/H Liquid Fertilizer Production Line

Introduce to liquid fertilizer production line:

Liquid fertilizer production line is a combination of a series of equipment used to produce liquid fertilizers, including mixing, filtering, storage and packaging processes, to manufacture liquid fertilizers with excellent quality and ensure that the final product meets quality standards.

The production of liquid fertilizers is important for increasing plant yields, optimizing nutrient ratios, recycling resources and environmental protection.

Its advantages include rapid absorption, precise application, uniform distribution, efficient utilization, flexibility, applicability to a wide range of crops and different soil conditions, as well as ease of storage, transportation and environmental friendliness, making it a popular fertilizer choice in modern agriculture.

liquid fertilizer production line

The liquid fertilizer production line can be customized according to different raw materials as well as finished product requirements to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Product Name Material Thickness Power
Mixing Tank Industrial Grade Stainless Steel 6mm 7.5KW
Storage Tank Industrial Grade Stainless Steel 6mm
Duplex Strainer Industrial Grade Stainless Steel 6mm 3.8KW
Automatic Filling Machine Industrial Grade Stainless Steel 19KW
Rotary Drum Drying Machine 1-25t/h ZQ series reducer 5.5-22KW

We can design additive device, automatic cleaning system, temperature control system, filling method according to your needs.

Process of liquid fertilizer production line:

1) Organic matter collection: Organic matter can be material from organic sources such as plant residues, food waste, etc. These organics will be collected and used as feedstock for the production line.

2) Pre-treatment: The collected organic matter needs to be pre-treated, e.g. to remove large particles of impurities, to remove foreign matter or to carry out preliminary pulverization and disintegration.

3) Hopper Lift (Discharge Tank): The pre-treated organics are transported to the discharge tank, which serves as the starting point for the production line. Here the organic matter can be stored and extracted.

4) Macromolecule Mixing Reactor: At this stage, the organics may be put into the macromolecule mixing reactor together with other raw materials. Some chemical reactions may take place in the reactor to form the desired macromolecular compounds.

5) Mixing Reactor: The macromolecular compounds are mixed with other raw materials and possible additives to form the final mixture. The mixing system inside the mixing reactor ensures a homogeneous mixture.

6) Additive Mixing Tank: If required, additional organic or inorganic additives can be added at this stage to adjust the properties and formulation of the product.

7) Dual Filter: The mixture is filtered to remove any solid particles or impurities that may be present to improve the purity of the final product.

8) Storage Tank: The filtered organic liquid fertilizer product will be stored in tanks for quality checks. Temperature and pressure control of the product may be required.

9) Automatic Filling machine: Finally, the product is packaged and filled by automatic filling machines for easier supply to the market or customers.

liquid fertilizer production line

Liquid fertilizer production line finished product with packaging display:

liquid fertilizer production line

Advantages of liquid fertilizer production line:

1) Highly automatic: Our liquid fertilizer production line is designed as a highly automated system that allows for automated operation from raw material handling to final packaging, increasing production efficiency.

2) Flexible production adjustments: The design of the production line allows the product formulation and specifications to be adjusted as needed to accommodate different types of liquid fertilizer production.

3) Real-time monitoring and control: Production lines are often equipped with real-time monitoring and control systems to ensure that the parameters of the production process are within the appropriate range to guarantee product quality.

4) Sustainable production: By adopting advanced production technologies and environmental protection measures, liquid fertilizer production lines help to achieve sustainable production and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

5) High-quality products: The automation and monitoring of the liquid fertilizer line ensures that the product meets high quality standards, providing consistency and reliability.

6) Energy savings: Optimized design of the production process to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

These advantages allow liquid fertilizer production lines to be more efficient, sustainable and flexible in meeting different market demands, improving production efficiency and product quality.

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