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Hammer Crusher

Intrduction to hammer crusher:

1) Hammer crusher has the upper and lower poles crushed, two sets of rotors in series with each other, advanced and practical design.

2) It without sieve device, the material is crushed by each other to achieve the effect of crushing.

3) Hammer crusher can crush all kinds of wet slag, there is no bonding blockage phenomenon. It is suitable for organic fertilizer production line with high humidity of raw materials.

4) Adjust the gap between the crushing hammer head to control the size of the material.

5) Hammer crusher adopts high alloy wear-resistant hammer head, sturdy wear-resistant, long service life.

6) It adopts two-way gap adjustment technology, if the hammer blade is worn, no need to repair, adjust the position of the hammer blade can continue to use.

7) It can be easily operated by only one person, which is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain.

Model Capacity(tph) Power(kw) Overall Size(mm) Number Of Hammers Hammer Weight(kg) Weight(t)
LACD-400*400 5-10 7.5+7.5 2200*900*1200 24 2.5 0.6
LACD-600*400 10-15 18.5+18.5 2600*950*1500 24 3.5 1
LACD-600*600 15-20 22+22 2600*1170*1500 40 3.5 1.3
LACD-600*800 20-30 30+22 2800*1350*1700 48 3.5 1.8
LACD-800*600 30-40 45+37 3200*1250*2000 40 8 3
LACD-800*800 40-50 55+45 3200*1400*2000 48 8 3.5
LACD-1000*800 50-60 55+75 3950*1750*2280 48 10 5.5
LACD-1000*1000 60-90 90+75 4000*1900*2400 52 10 7

Hammer crusher composition structure:

Hammer crusher is composed of shell, rotor, spindle, strike plate, hammer head and some other spare parts:

1) The casing of the hammer crusher is composed of the upper body, the rear cover, the left side wall and the right side wall, and each part is connected into a whole by bolts.

2) The rotor consists of spindle, disk, pin, etc. The disk has 6 evenly distributed pin holes, through the pin will be 6-8 hammerhead suspension.

3) The spindle is the main part supporting the rotor, the impact force is borne by it. Therefore, its material is required to have high toughness and strength.

4) Hammer head is the main working part. Its quality, shape and material have a great impact on the production capacity of the hammer crusher. Therefore, according to different feed sizes to choose the appropriate quality of the hammer head.

Hammer crusher working principle:

1) When working, driven by double motors, two sets of rotors connected with each other rotate at high speed at the same time.

2) The materials in the inner cavity of the machine are crushed by the upper rotor, and then immediately crushed by the hammer head of the lower rotor rotating at high speed.

3) The materials in the inner cavity collide with each other at high speed and crush each other to achieve the effect that the hammer head crushes the material and the material crushes the material to form the particles with the size of discharge less than 3mm.

Crush effect display:

Advantages of hammer crusher:

1) Bi-directional rotating design: The hammer crusher has a bi-directional rotating design, i.e., the material can be entered and discharged from both directions. This design can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce downtime and standby time.

2) Energy-saving and efficient: Hammer crusher in the grinding and crushing of materials, the use of high-speed rotation of the double hammer head for impact and grinding, can effectively improve the energy utilization rate and work efficiency.

3) Good crushing effect: the hammer crusher’s double hammers can uniformly impact and grind the material to produce finer particles. This crushing effect is very important for the manufacture of fertilizer granules to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the granules.

4) Adjustable particle size: The hammer crusher has an adjustable discharge opening that allows the size and particle size of the granules to be adjusted as needed. This makes it possible to manufacture different particle sizes according to different needs during the manufacturing process of fertilizer granules, improving the quality of products and market competitiveness.

5) Strong durability: the hammer crusher is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, which can withstand the impact force generated by high-speed rotation and frequent impacts. This design makes the equipment have a long service life and can run stably for a long time in the process of fertilizer granule manufacturing.

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