Fertilizer Polishing Machine
  • Fertilizer Polishing Machine

  • Fertilizer Polishing Machine

  • Fertilizer Polishing Machine

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  • Fertilizer Polishing Machine - LANE Machinery Groups

Fertilizer Polishing Machine

Introduction to fertilizer polishing machine:

1) Organic fertilizer polishing machine is equipped with polishing device on the basis of KP-400 flat film extrusion granulator, which can make the cylindrical granules rolled into balls at one time, with no return material, high rate of ball formation, good strength, beauty and practicality.

2) Fertilizer polishing machine can be for all granular fertilizer beauty, by extrusion granulation or disc granulation process produced by granular fertilizer, after polishing round machine polishing round, can make the fertilizer particles of uniform size, bright and rounded surface, particle strength, fertilizer into the ball rate of up to 98%, into the ball back into the material rate is low.

3) Reduce energy consumption and increase output. Fertilizer polishing machine output particles with low moisture content, easy to dry. At the same time can also produce feed particles. Today’s organic fertilizer (biological) system of spherical particles of the ideal equipment.


Model Capacity(tph) Size(mm) Power(kw) Plate Diameter(mm)
LAP2-800 1-1.5 1800*950*1290 5.5 800
LAP2-1000 1.5-2.5 2200*1120*1350 7.5 1000
LAP2-1200 2.5-3.5 2400*1200*1370 7.5 1200
LAP2-1500 3.5-4.5 3000*1500*1450 11 1500
LAP3-1000 3-4 3000*1000*1500 5.5 1000

Fertilizer polishing machine composition structure:

1) Organic fertilizer polishing machine is a multi-layer continuous organic fertilizer particle polishing and shaping device, the top of the frame is fixed with a big cylinder, and there is a top cover on the upper end of the big cylinder.

2) There is a big rotating disk in the lower part of the big cylinder, which is connected with the frame by a vertical shaft by two spherical ball bearings, and the lower end of the vertical shaft is connected with the output shaft of the motor through a speed reducer or a pulley.

3) In the big cylinder side and the big rotary disk under a discharge chute. Raw material particles into the rounding machine after rounding by one side of the outlet into the next rounding machine or feeder, powder under the big disc out of the discharge chute.

1) Fertilizer polishing round machine is driven by the main motor driving belt and pulley, transmission to the main shaft, through the installation of the main shaft rotating disc, through the centrifugal force to make the particles become more round.

2) The material is added from the feeding end and discharged from the discharging end after being fully stirred and mixed in the disc.

fertilizer polishing machine

Fertilizer polishing machine finished granule display:

organic fertilizer granules

Features of fertilizer polishing machine:

1) Round throwing technology:  The polishing throwing machine adopts high speed rotation to throw the wet organic raw materials through centrifugal force, so that they are subjected to multiple collisions and friction in the air, which effectively improves the granularity of the raw materials and makes the particles more uniform.

2) High-speed rotation: the rotating speed of the fertilizer polishing machine is high, usually at 1000-3000 rpm, which can make the wet organic material spread out quickly and form granules, thus improving the production efficiency.

3) Widely used: Organic fertilizer polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of organic materials with different humidity, including powder, granule, block and other different forms of organic materials. It can adapt to the characteristics of various raw materials, and can also be adjusted and controlled according to different production requirements.


Advantages of fertilizer polishing machine:

1) Uniform particles: As the organic fertilizer polishing machine adopts high-speed throwing and rotating, the raw materials can make the particles form a uniform and compact structure through repeated collision and friction. This ensures the homogeneity and stability of organic fertilizer, improves the quality of the product, and facilitates application and absorption.

2) Excellent regulation: the organic fertilizer polishing machine can be adjusted by adjusting parameters such as rotational speed, inclination angle and humidity to obtain the desired size and shape of the particles. This makes the organic fertilizer polishing machine with good adaptability and flexibility, which can be produced according to different product requirements.

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