Crawler Type Compost Turner
  • Crawler Type Compost Turner

  • Crawler Type Compost Turner

  • Crawler Type Compost Turner

  • Crawler Type Compost Turner - LANE Machinery Groups

  • Crawler Type Compost Turner - LANE Machinery Groups

Crawler Type Compost Turner

Introduction to crawler type compost turner:

1) Crawler type compost turner adopts crawler walking design, which can go forward and backward.

2) The whole vehicle rides on the pre-stacked long strip of fertilizer base, and the churning knife of the churning dragon under the frame turns, fluffs, and moves the pile of fertilizer base raw materials, and then tampers with the new strip pile after the vehicle passes through.

3) Crawler type compost turner composition structure can be operated in the open outdoor field or in the workshop shed.

The self-propelled crawler compost turner consists of crawler motion system, turning system, mixing system, ventilation system and control system.

The crawler type compost turner is able to move in the compost heap through the drive of the crawler system and realize the operation of turning, stirring and ventilating in order to promote the decomposition of organic matter and the improvement of composting effect.

Therefore, crawler type compost turner has a vital role in organic fertilizer production line.

Model LALG-2500
Turning Width(mm) 2500
Turning Height(mm) 600-1000
Row Spacing(mm) 800-1100
Max. Rotation Speed(r/min) 2400
Driving Speed(m/min) 5-10(6 forwards gear; 2 reverse gear)
Capacity(m³/h) 800-1000
Overall Size(mm) 2500*3300*2700
Rotating Speed Of Knife Stick(r/min) 200-300
Material Particle Diameter(mm) 200

Crawler type compost turner composition structure:

1) Crawler motion system:

Tracks: provide movement and positioning of the machine, allowing the machine to move freely through the compost pile.

Drive: controls the forward, backward and steering movements of the tracks.

2) Turning system:

Turning knife: used to turn and mix the organic matter in the compost pile evenly to promote decomposition and fermentation.

Drive: transmits the driving force to the turning knives to perform the turning operation.

3) Mixing system:

Stirring Knife: used to mix the upper material of the compost heap with the lower material to ensure the uniformity of the compost.

Transmission device: transmits the driving force to the mixing knife to make it carry out the mixing operation.

4) Ventilation system:

Ventilation equipment: including fans, exhaust ducts, etc., used to provide sufficient oxygen and ventilation for composting, to promote the decomposition of organic matter and the growth and reproduction of composting bacteria.

5) Control system:

Control panel: used to set and adjust the working parameters of the machine, such as turning angle, mixing intensity, etc.

Sensors: used to sense and monitor various working status and parameters, such as temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, etc.

Controller: according to the feedback signals from the sensors, it controls the movement, turning and mixing operation of the machine to realize automatic control.

Crawler type compost turner working principle:

(1)Diesel engine power part of the main output, through the belt pulley deceleration drive flip drum; another part of the power through the paddle oil machine sub-power box output drive hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pump and the implementation of components roll simple cylinder, diesel engine clutch cylinder and walking track drive motor composed of hydraulic circuit system, to realize the lifting and lowering of the turning drum, diesel engine main power drive drum work and stop and the equipment of the self-propelled.

(2) When crawler type compost turner working, the engine is started by the driver’s cab personnel. Through the control of the hydraulic valve group, can realize the following functional instructions: operation “walking motor” valve lever, so that the machine forward, backward and left and right cornering: operation “roller Jane lifting cylinder” valve lever so that the roller Jane placed in the pile of the body from the ground at the right height, and can be lifted to a certain roller height to facilitate the machine to walk quickly.

(3) Turning and throwing roller consists of two sections of left and right reverse spiral and the middle straight section of throwing teeth, the rotating spiral roller will be triangular pallet of materials to the middle of the collection, at the same time, with the rotation of the roller, the material is turned backward, so as to realize the top layer of materials and the internal materials are fully mixed.

crawler type compost turner

Advantages of the crawler type compost turner:

1) High efficiency: the crawler belts enable the machine to move along the compost pile, covering a larger area and ensuring thorough turning and mixing of the material. This helps maximize the exposure of organic matter to oxygen, enhancing decomposition and accelerating the composting process.

2) Large capacity: Tracked compost turners are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit different composting operations. They can handle large volumes of organic waste, making them ideal for industrial-scale composting facilities or large agricultural operations.

3) Adjustable turning and mixing intensity: The crawler type compost turner’s turning mechanism can often be adjusted to control the depth and intensity of the turning action. This allows the operator to tailor the composting process to the specific requirements of the material and the desired compost quality.

4) Self-driven and maneuverable: the tracks provide the machine with maneuverability, allowing it to easily traverse different terrains and compost piles without the danger of getting stuck in the terrain and being unable to move. It can move forward, backward and turn in tight spaces, facilitating efficient operation and maneuverability.

5) Saves time and labor: the use of tracked compost turners reduces the need for manual turning of compost piles, saving time and labor costs. It automates the process and reduces physical labor, making large-scale composting operations more manageable.

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