3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line
  • 3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line

  • 3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line

  • 3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line

  • 3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line - LANE Machinery Groups

  • 3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line - LANE Machinery Groups

3-15T/H Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Introduction to compound fertilizer production line:

Compound Fertilizer Production Line is used to produce compound fertilizers mixed with a variety of nutrients. It consists of fertilizer granulator, mixer, screening machine, packing machine and other equipment, which can be adjusted and expanded according to the demand.


Compound Fertilizer Production Line can mix different kinds and proportions of fertilizer raw materials together to make granular, easy-to-store and easy-to-decompose compound fertilizer products.


Compound fertilizer production line raw materials:

Nitrogen raw materials: ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, urea, etc.

Phosphorus raw materials: diammonium phosphate, heavy calcium superphosphate, calcium superphosphate, etc.

Potassium raw materials: monopotassium phosphate, grass ash, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, etc.

The following is the conventional equipment included in the compound fertilizer production line, which can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs for reduction or expansion.

Product Name Machine Parameters Speed
Dynamic Batching System PVC drive belt: width 0.5m, length 2m 1.1-2.2KW SBD series reducer 1450r/min
Bucket Elevator Maximum feeding size: 25-55cm Hopper width: 160-400mm Bucker type Q/H: 12/22 m3/h 1.4m/h
Vertical Crusher 1-12t/h 7.5-37KW Crushing fineness: 0.5-5mm 1450r/min
Double Shaft Mixer 6-22t/h 18.5-22KW 4950*1650*800mm 1450r/min
Rotary Drum Granulator 1-20t/h 1-30KW 11r/min 1450r/min
Rotary Drum Drying Machine 1-25t/h 5.5-22KW 5r/min 1450r/min
Rotary Drum Cooling Machine 1-20t/h 5.5-22KW 5r/min 1450r/min
Rotary Screen Machine 1-23t/h 3-7.5KW ZQ series reducer 1450r/min
Rotary Coating Machine 5-15t/h 7.5-15KW 11r/min 1450r/min
Double Station Packing Machine 10-20 bags/min Power current: 4/16 KW/A 1600*1200*3200mm 50Hz/60Hz/220V/380V

compound fertilizer production line

1) Batching: the raw materials required for the production of compound fertilizer are put into the batching bin, and the discharging speed is adjusted according to the formula of compound fertilizer and the production speed.

2) Crushing: the raw materials are crushed, and the crushed raw materials reach the fineness of particles required before granulation.

3) Mixing: Mixer will mix the raw materials evenly.

4) Granulation: Granulate the raw materials with rotary drum granulator. Under certain liquid phase conditions, with the help of the cylinder’s rotary movement, the material particles produce pressure agglomeration into balls.

5) Drying: After the granulation is finished, use the dryer to dry the fertilizer granules, remove the moisture inside and prevent the fertilizer granules from lumping.

6) Cooling: In order to improve the productivity and output, use the cooler to cool the fertilizer after high temperature drying, so that its temperature is reduced to not more than 5 degrees Celsius above room temperature.

7) Screening: Use the screening machine to screen the fertilizer particles. Unqualified particles are crushed and returned to the mixer for granulation, and qualified particles are sent to the next process.

8) Coating: Surface coating of qualified fertilizer particles to prevent the fertilizer from moisture caking.

9) Packing: The finished granules will be sent to the finished product warehouse, and then finally bagged through the packaging scale.

Finished fertilizer granules display:

Advantages of compound fertilizer production line:

1) Our production line is equipped with PLC centralized control system, you are able to control the operation of each machine in the production line at any time from the console, avoiding any link problems, reducing labor costs and lowering the error rate.
2) The production line is flexible and stable, and can produce different compound fertilizers through different ratios of raw materials.
3) The production line has the design of re-materialization, which greatly improves the production efficiency and avoids the waste of raw materials.
4) The production line provides all the equipment, including dust removal equipment, burner, belt machine and other ancillary equipment, giving you a complete and intimate shopping experience!

Compound fertilizer production line has the advantages of high efficiency, automation and environmental protection. It can produce compound fertilizer with balanced nutrition and stable quality according to the needs of crops, and improve the efficiency and yield of agricultural production. Compound fertilizer production line can also realize environmental protection and resource saving through the treatment and recycling of waste gas and waste water.

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