5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line
  • 5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line

  • 5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line

  • 5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line

  • 5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line - LANE Machinery Groups

  • 5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line - LANE Machinery Groups

5-10T/H NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Introduction to NPK fertilizer production line:

NPK fertilizer production line is used to manufacture NPK fertilizers. It can match and mix the three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to produce various compound fertilizers with different ratios.

NPK production line includes PLC centralized control system, raw material processing system, mixing system, granulation system and packaging system.


NPK fertilizer production line raw materials:

Urea, DAP (Diammonium phosphate)/RP (Rock phosphate), KCl (Potassium chloride), and other materials in the form of high quality micronutrients.

npk fertilizer production line


The following is the parameter table of npk fertilizer production line equipment for example of rotary granulator, the specific output and model can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Product Name Machine Parameters Speed
Dynamic Batching System PVC drive belt: width 0.5m, length 2m 1.1-2.2KW SBD series reducer 1450r/min
Vertical Crusher 1-12t/h 7.5-37KW Crushing fineness: 0.5-5mm 1450r/min
Horizontal Mixer 1-40t/h 7.5-55KW ZQ series reducer 1450r/min
Double Roller Granulator 0.8-4.5t/h 11-30KW ZY series reducer 1450r/min
Rotary Drum Drying Machine 1-25t/h 5.5-22KW ZQ series reducer 1450r/min
Cooling Machine 1-20t/h 5.5-22KW ZQ series reducer 1450r/min
Rotary Screen Machine 1-23t/h 3-7.5KW ZQ series reducer 1450r/min
Rotary Coating Machine 3-15t/h 7.5-15KW ZQ series reducer 1450r/min
Rotary Packing Machine 4-20bags/minute 50Hz/60Hz/220V/380V ZQ series reducer 1450r/min

npk fertilizer production line

The conventional equipment of NPK fertilizer production line contains dynamic batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, drying and cooling machine, coating machine, sieving machine, packing machine.


1) Batching: the raw materials required for the production of compound fertilizer into the batching bin, according to the formula of compound fertilizer and production speed to adjust the speed of feeding.

2) Crushing: the raw materials are crushed, and the crushed raw materials reach the fineness of particles required before granulation.

3) Mixing: Mixer to mix the raw materials evenly.

4) Granulation: granulation with rotary drum granulator or double roller granulator (the use of double roller granulator can be removed from the back of the drying and cooling process, direct granulation of dry powder, but granulation before the crushing of the material fineness requirements are higher).

5) Drying: After granulation is completed, use the dryer to dry the fertilizer particles to remove the moisture inside and prevent the fertilizer particles from lumping.

6) Cooling: In order to improve the productivity and output, use the cooler to cool the fertilizer after high temperature drying, so that its temperature is reduced to not more than 5 degrees Celsius above room temperature.

7) Screening: Use a screening machine to screen the fertilizer particles. Unqualified particles are crushed, returned material is sent to the mixer and then granulated, qualified particles are sent to the next process.

8) Coating: Surface coating of qualified fertilizer particles to prevent the fertilizer from moisture caking.

9) Packing: The finished granules will be sent to the finished product warehouse, and then finally bagged through the packing scale.

NPK fertilizer production line finished fertilizer granulaes display:


Advantages of NPK fertilizer production line:

Efficient utilization: through the reasonable configuration and proportioning of nutrient elements, it can make plants fully absorb and utilize the nutrients, improve the utilization efficiency of fertilizers and reduce the waste of nutrients.

Adjusting soil pH: NPK fertilizer production line can adjust the pH value of fertilizers according to the pH of different soils, so that it can better adapt to different soil conditions and improve plant growth and yield.

Automation control: modern NPK fertilizer production line adopts PLC automation control system, which can realize intelligent and precise control of the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce the error rate of manual operation.

Environmental protection and energy saving: adopting advanced production process and equipment, NPK fertilizer production line can reduce the emission of waste water, waste gas and solid waste, and achieve the effect of environmental friendliness and resource saving.


Our company has a wealth of experience in manufacturing fertilizer production lines, can be adjusted according to the conditions of each customer production line, to ensure that it can achieve the results required by the customer, and provide free experimental services!

Our aim is to meet all the needs of customers, from the initial equipment customization, to the later production and installation, are tailored for customers, welcome to inquire!


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